Research and Development
Research and Development programmes of Suraj Cropsciences Limited are focused on enhancing productivity of crop plants per unit resources with better profitability to growers and maximum satisfaction to the consumers. Suraj Cropsciences Limited has one of the strongest team of scientists amongst forerunners in the seed industry in Gujarat providing back up support in the endeavour of always providing best quality seeds of hybrids and varieties. The in-house Research and Development unit is accorded recognition by Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi.

Suraj Cropsciences Limited has placed highest emphasis on genetic enhancement of crop plants in order to develop superior recombinants and trait specific value added products by gene transfer technology and integrating novel genotypes through conventional plant breeding. Germplasm is of paramount importance to Suraj Cropsciences Limited. We have acquired large number of diverse germplasm of all our mandate crops and continuing to add further. They are being evaluated, utilized and integrated in pre-breeding to make further genetic advances. The collected germplasm after characterization is conserved under temperature controlled conditions. Scientist handpicked from reputed institutes and organizations in Suraj Cropsciences Limited are concentrating to understand the scientific issues related to emerging challenges in agriculture like weather variation, water scarcity, post harvest losses and applied input use efficiency and addressing them with our innovative value added products.

Suraj Cropsciences Limited owns three fully developed research farms. Each farm has poly houses, net houses and working laboratories to facilitate experimentation. Small satellite farm are being leased for specific period in different agro climatic regions to conduct location specific verification research and testing. Separate laboratories for biotechnology, plant breeding and seed technology with all essential equipments have been developed at our head office Tajpur in Sabarkantha district. Suraj Cropsciences Limited has plan to set up regional research centres in different agro-ecological zones to conduct crop specific and region specific research to cater to the need of different ecological niche areas for improved seeds.

Witnessing the tremendous impact of biotechnology to bolster the agriculture production Suraj Cropsciences Limited has decided to invest in biotechnological research and developed the facilities for transgenic research, marker assisted selection in crop improvement and molecular techniques for faster and more dependable genetic purity test of large scale seed production. R&D unit of Suraj Cropsciences Limited is now fully geared to provide strong back up support to ensure timely supply of value added seeds of hybrids and varieties of different crops at all times. There is complete consensus among management, researcher and other stake holders in Suraj Cropsciences Limited that biotechnology hold the most hope for rapid improvement of crop plants and achieving required yield advance in the face of expanding population and shrinking resources. Institutional Bio Safety Committee (IBSC) of Suraj Cropsciences Limited has been approved by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India, New Delhi to take up biotechnological research work for crop improvement and value addition.

Crop cultivars with higher yield potential are the key to increase yield ceiling and stabilize increased production. Conventional hybridization and selection procedure is time tested strategy for selecting the crop cultivar with higher yield potential. Conventional plant breeding approaches are followed using elite germplasm to develop seeds where both yield potential and productivity have steadily increased in every agro-climatic environment with genetic advance for biotic and abiotic stress. Ideal plant type for different crops and production conditions is perceived and developed through genetic manipulations for higher stable yield. Exploitation of heterosis in Paddy, Maize, Millets, Castor, Cotton and vegetable crops receives major resources. New cultivar of Suraj Cropsciences Limited will have 10-15% yield advantage over existing standards, whereas hybrids with 20-25% yield advantage are developed.
Breeding for disease and pest resistance is meticulously planned and executed. Potential sources for resistance after identification are assessed for their effectiveness over sites, seasons and pathotypes. These sources are then used in hybridization to incorporate them in to agronomically superior cultivars. Durability and diversity of resistance sources are considered for reducing genetic vulnerability under congenial conditions of climate, inoculums and susceptible host.

Suraj Cropsciences Limited is addressing abiotic stress with equal emphasis while developing improved seeds. Abiotic stress like drought, excess of water, mineral toxicity & deficiency and unfavourable temperature are being considered in crop improvement programs. Suraj Cropsciences Limited has either representative location or the simulated environmental conditions that facilitate the screening and testing of germplasm and new selections. Suraj Cropsciences Limited is constantly upgrading its germplasm resources to equip crop improvement programs face new emerging challenges. Need for additional germplasm is being compounded by postulated impact of atmospheric changes particularly precipitation, temperature, UV incidence, deteriorating soil and water quality, etc. Suraj Cropsciences Limited has been successful in developing and distributing improved seed suitable to unfavourable management conditions also largely conditioned by abiotic stress.

Profitability of the produce could be enhanced with value addition in terms of less post harvest losses, meeting the specific need of local preferences, nutritional qualities, etc. Vegetable breeding programs are tailored to cater to the need of local consumers on one hand and enhanced nutrition with better keeping and handling properties on the other hand. Major vegetables like Okra, Tomato, Hot pepper, Eggplant, Watermelon and all gourds have specific improvement program focussing on suitability for import of fresh as well as processed vegetables to Middle East and Europeans markets. In field crops our breeding programs are directed at enhanced nutritive value especially protein quantity and quality and oil contents. Each and every sample is passed through test for quality parameters in our fully equipped laboratory and the yield, disease & pest and other data are considered along with quality parameters before releasing any variety or hybrid for commercial cultivation.

Maintenance breeding is another very important activity of research which helps to ensure genetically pure seed. Breeder produces the nucleus seed by selecting the genetically pure plant progenies by growing them under favourable management conditions. Nucleus stage II which is bulk production of plant progeny is also used where the requirement of seed is more like Wheat and Paddy. Genetic purity of parents used for preparing F1 hybrid seed is ensured by proper maintenance in both 2 line (Castor, Cotton, Maize & Vegetable crops) and 3 line (Pearl Millet, Paddy, Chillies, etc.) hybrid system. Grow out test of every lot of seed production on large scale is conducted using stable morphological characters.

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