About Suraj Cropsciences
Suraj Cropsciences Limited is leading Biotech company engaged in developing, producing and marketing high yielding improved seeds of hybrids and varieties of field and vegetable crops. Suraj Cropsciences has multitude of activities which includes plant breeding research and hybrid seed development, genetic enhancement research, seed production, processing & packaging, marketing & sales and consumer services.
Suraj Cropsciences Limited was started on 21st January 2010 and made made rapid advances from seed production and quality supply ventures to a commendable position in R&D (DSIR Recognised) as well as in the seed industry. Company grew rapidly from seedling to big tree in Crop improvement research and seed business.
The Company is mainly focusing on enhancing productivity of crop plants per unit resources with better profitability to the growers & maximum satisfaction to the consumers. We address emerging challenges in agriculture like climatic change, water scarcity, post harvest losses and applied input use efficiency through our innovative products. R&D activities are supporting seed business of SCL with strong commitment of improving productivity and profitability of all the agricultural and vegetable crops, company is dealing with. SCL has placed highest emphasis on Genetic Enhancement (GE) programs in order to develop superior recombinants and trait specific value added products by integrating novel genotypes through conventional plant breeding. Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Bajra Castor, Cotton, Mustard, Rapeseed & Pulses in field crops and Okra, Chillies, Tomato and all gourds in vegetable crops are our mandatory crops for genetic enhancement and plant breeding research. Germplasm is of paramount importance to Suraj Cropsciences Limited. We have acquired large number of germplasm of all our mandate crops. They are being evaluated and integrated in crop improvement programs.
The Company conducts research at its farms with most modern infrastructure facilities including poly-houses, net houses, working laboratories, micro irrigation system and all essential agricultural implements. Separate laboratories for biotechnology, plant breeding and seed technology with ultra modern high precision equipments are under operation at Tajpur in Sabarkantha district. In order to further strengthen R&D Suraj Cropsciences has created new temperature controlled gene bank and foundation seed storage facility.
The Company has attained place of pride in seed industry. It has achieved very good and remarkable response from the trade and customers in the market. As the Company and its management believe in an ethical work culture; the Company now holds a reputed position in the farming community and Indian Seed Industry. This ethical driving and potentially challenging work environment in the company has attracted very highly skilled employees of competitor companies who are now part of the Suraj Cropsciences family.
The Company has its seed processing plants located at three places where the seeds are processed, stored and packed with the help of modern machineries and state of the art technology in Gujarat. In addition to own processing plant, company is also hiring custom seed processing and storage facilities in various states i.e. Telangana, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttaranchal & Uttar Pradesh to enable proper supply of seeds and in time.
Seed technology department of Company is equipped with precision rapid testing equipments and highly trained professionals to ensure timely supply of quality seeds in large quantity. Quality of seed is ensured through Grow Out Test coupled with rigorous laboratory testing for Germination, Physical purity, Seedling vigour and Genetic Purity.
The dominance of the Organization in the marketing of its seed is because of the clear and passionate vision, competitive price as well as the eagerness of business. The Company has a very well devised strategy of persuading, converting and employing people on different strategic locations who will start a chain of reaction of simultaneous word of mouthing and publicity that actually helps it to multiply the marketing effect. We provide most scientific problem oriented after sale service ensuring full realization of yield potential of our high quality & high yielding seeds.
The vision of the company is "Grow Together" which the company tends to achieve by providing high quality seeds with enhanced yield potential to the farmers of our country and contribute to the economy and quality of life of farmers. Suraj Cropsciences with its diverse and unique portfolio of products in all group & segments of crop seeds contribute to a great magnitude to the agricultural growth over the years. Company's goal as an Organization is "Grow Together".
For Suraj Cropsciences, Quality & Growth is a never ending process, we strive hard to continuously enhance the quality and productivity of seeds to ensure growth of all and achieve new horizons in the business.
There is great potential for biotechnology as tool in crop improvement. Despite the risk in such upstream research Suraj Cropsciences is contemplating to involve more in this work to facilitate the rapid exploitation of new techniques and attaining targeted improvement in crop plants for achieving advances in sustainable yield increases demanded in the face of expanding world population and shrinking land resources.

Dr. Shiv Pratap Singh Kushwah

Chairman & Managing Director


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